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Albert Einstein Loves Gutter ShutterThe Absolute Best Gutter Guards Available because it is the Strongest, Highest Capacity, Best Looking Gutter Protection System Around

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End the dangerous and dirty job of gutter cleaning forever. Don't Risk It, Gutter Shutter It! Gutter Shutter is the Strongest, Highest Capacity, Best Looking Rain Gutter Guard System Available in the Chicago Market.... See for yourself.

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 Top 4 Reasons to Choose Gutter Shutter Gutter Protection for Your Chicago Area Home...

1. Strength- Made of the thickest aluminum that can be extruded through a gutter machine, supported by heavy duty nylon gutter stud brackets, and secured every two feet with two (2) threethe best gutter guard, gutter shutter patent diagram inch galvanized wood screws... Gutter Shutter is by far the strongest gutter protection system you can find and will handle any Chicago weather conditions that are thrown at it.

2. Capacity- We haven't met a roof yet that we couldn't handle, no matter how big! Our system comes in two sizes, big and bigger! Our standard system comes with a full and honest 5" trough. Gutter Shutter is the ONLY full replacement system that offers a oversized 6" system for larger, steeper roofs.

3. Curb Appeal- Gutter Shutter has the look of high end crown molding that outlines the eaves of your home and adds to it's curb side appeal. Most of our new Gutter Shutter customers respond the same way, "Wow!", because they are surprised at how much better their homes look with their new system installed.

4. Value- Unlike other gutter protection companies, Gutter Shutter Chicago doesn't spend millions of dollars on advertising and television ads. These savings are passed onto our loyal and happy customers. Getting the best gutter protection system on the market for less than the competition is a great value plus gutter guards are one home improvement that will pay off with increased home value.

Gutter Shutter Blows Away Micro Mesh Screens, Gutter Covers, Leaf Guard, and Every Other Covered Gutter System Available!

man cleaning gutter in need of gutter guards Gutter Guards are NOT all the Same!

Gutter Cleaning is a permanant problem that demands a permanet solution. Unfortunately, most Chicago homeowners think that a gutter guard is a gutter guard is a gutter guard. But the truth is there are many types of Gutter Protection Systems on the Market today. Not all of them work the same. In fact, some work ok, some work great, and others don't work at all! See Gutter Shutter Testimonials to see how other Chicago folks solved this never ending problem.

Don't waste your hard earned money on products that don't work! Cleaning gutters is a dirty and dangerous chore that home improvement technology can finally eliminate, but don't get stuck with a worthless gutter cover system that doesn't do what it is supposed to...Keep Your Gutters Clog Free and Flowing!

Below are reviews of common Gutter Protection Products that are sold on the market today. As you will see Gutter Shutter is by far the best system available because of it's strength, capacity, and beauty.


 Gutter Guard Reviews

The Gutter Shutter Clog Free Gutter System

Gutter Shutter has all of the aspects one would expect from a quality Gutter Protection System. Thisgutter guards on house in chicago illinois system uses reverse curve technology where water follows the nose of the hood section and leaves and debris can't get inside. The materials used are of the utmost quality, heavy duty aluminum, nylon brackets secured with substancial wood screws, oversized downspouts, and more.
Gutter Shutter comes in a true 5" and an oversized 6" version to handle all types of roofs and roof pitches. One of the unique features of the Gutter Shutter is that, unlike other full replacement systems, it looks like a regular K-style gutter so it won't appear strange on a home.
Gutter Shutter if the Best Choice- No other Gutter Guard system in Chicago offers more strength, more capicity, and more curb appeal for an economical price than Gutter Shutter! Gutter Shutter is fully supported with a virtually unbreakable nylon bracketing system and is made from the thickest gauge aluminum that can be extruded through a gutter forming machine. It comes in both a large 5" version and is the only full gutter protection system that also comes in a super high capacity 6" version. The Gutter Shutter is fascia mounted and does not attached to your roof, which means it won't damage your roof and you can even replace your roof without removing the Gutter Shutter System. The Gutter Shutter looks like crown molding on your home and maintains the same attractive look that tradional gutter provide. Best of All, Gutter Shutter is provided to the Chicago area by Innovative Home Concepts...No big TV Ad budget, no huge overhead expenses, no royalty fees added into the you save! Get the best Gutter Guards on your house for the best value! Have Questions give us a call or check out our GutterShutter FAQ section.

a graded gutter guards


Gutter Maxx

Gutter Maxx is the name brand of the K-Guard dealer in the Chicago area. K-guard has been sold by 2 gutter protection systemsother companies that went out of business a few years back, Gutter Gardian and Leaf Blocker.

The K-Guard system is probably the second best system on the market. It uses the principal of water adhesion to collect water and keep debris out. It is constructed of heavy duty aluminum and used oversized down pipes.

The issues with this product are the hood piece snaps on and isn't screwed into the system raising the question of whether it can blow off in a heavy wind. Also part of their design incorporates an opening on the horizontal plan of the hood at the back of the gutter. The hood actually slopes back to this opening. One would imagine that this opening would become clogged quite easily. One last issue has to do with the bracketing system, they just don't seem very substancial and are made of plastic.

UPDATE:  GutterMaxx is no longer available in the Chicagoland market. Another victim of the far superior GutterShutter Leaf Guard System!

  b grade gutter protection system


Leaf Guard Chicago

Leaf guard appears to be the most expensive gutter protection system available. You have to give Leaf Guard some credit, they were a pioneer in the gutter protection industry but their design hasn'tleaf guard gutter system changed much and was a great idea about 15 years ago.

The trough of this system is unsupported and can sag. The sagging can let debris into the system and can lead to an uneven, unsightly opening to the front of the gutter. The brackets for this system are the weakest of the big three full replacement systems. The trough of this product is undersized at 4 1/2 inches (measuring diagonally doesn't count). With that little hood can it handle the rain in Chicago? And finally, the weird appearance of the leaf guard system is outdated and a poor choice for any home.

It is really hard to justify their super high prices, other than maybe to cover their huge Chicago television commercial budget.

  C grade gutter guard system


Gutter Cover Systems

Gutter Covers Screw into Your Roof and are Weak- So many covers, so little time! All of them work the same, they attach to a regular gutter and go under your shingles. gutter covers screwed into roof bad

Nailing or screwing a gutter cover under you shingles is a terrible idea unless you like leaky roofs and water damage in your living room.

Regular gutters are pretty weak, so attaching a cover to them is like building a house on a foundation of sand instead of concrete. Plus most of these system are made from thin metal stock that dent and cave in easily.

  C minus gutter cover system


Micro Mesh Gutter Screens

Micro Mesh Screens Clog- The creators of this gutter protection system thought they could reinvent amicro mesh gutter screen mouse trap that never worked in the first place. Just because you make the holes smaller, doesn't mean they won't clog. Roof granules, decaying leaves, pine needles, tree sap, and more all clog up those little micro mesh screen opening. Plus these screens can be extremely expensive.

Examples of these types of screens are:

  • Gutter Glove
  • Gutter Dome
  • Master Shield
  • Leaf Filter

  micro mesh screen clogged with pine needles



Leaf Filter

Leaf filter gutter guards are a member of the micro mesh / leaffilter screen category. They are inserts that go on your existing gutters or on a new gutter installation.

Of course like other micro screens, they guarantee that your gutter will notleaffiter gutter guards screens clog. What they don't tell you is, of course your gutters aren't going to clog, the screen will clog long before that. Micromesh screens need to cleaned off multiple times a year depending on your tree cover and tree type.

Another issue with leaf filter is the fact that the frame that holds the screen is made of plastic. Other screen products have a thick aluminum frame, which gives them at least a little redeeming value. Leaffilter has a vinyl frame that doesn't seem to be very sturdy. Over time, with repeated snow, ice, hot weather, and cold weather cycles vinyl breaks downs, weakens, and eventually fails.

  leaf filter c- grade


Big Box Store Plastic Screens

Big Box Gutter Screens Don't Work- Everyone has tried them and everyone gets the same results,plastic gutter screen clogged clogged gutters. The problem with plastic screens is they let debris into your gutters. Worse yet the screens themselves clogs! So to clean your gutters, you need to remove the screens, clean the screens, clean your gutters, then to continue the insanity, you put the screens back on your gutters. In essense creating twice as much work for yourself!

  f grated plastic big box store gutter screen 


Gutter Foam, Gutter Brush, Gutter Worm

Gimicky Products are a Complete Waste of Money- These products may seem like the most economicalgutter sponge clogged  choice but in actually they are just cheap and don't work.
Sticking in your gutters tubes with holes in it, huge pipe cleaners, foam wedges that become clogged and brittle over time all are temperory solutions for a permanent problem.
You'd be better off doing nothing then using these money wasters!

  f grated plastic big box store gutter screen


Don't take our word for it... Do your own research online and see why Gutter Shutter is the best Gutter Protection System Available for your Chicago Area Home!


 Why Choose a Covered Gutter System over Standard Gutters in Chicago?

  k-style gutters Chicago        VS   No Clog Gutters

                         Regular k-style gutters                                                         No Clog Gutters

We get asked all the time, "why should we get a clog free gutter system over standard open trough gutters (known as K style gutters).

We usually follow up this question with 2 question of our own:

1. How often do you need to clean your exising gutters?

If a homeowner needs to clean their gutters more than two times a year or if they do not feel safe gutter cleaning, even if it is only once a year, they should consider a leaf protection system. Note that the above refers to "needs" to clean, not how often they actually clean gutters. We see that many times people clean their gutters less than they actually need to be cleaned for optimal performance and recommended maintenance.

2. Is there anything else you need to keep out of your k-style gutters?

It sounds funny but we get calls all the time from folks frustrated by all kinds of objects and creatures getting into their eaves troughs. Squirrels, chipmonks, birds, neighbors' kids' balls, their kids' balls, frisbees, tennis balls from the tennis court next door, etc. If it can get stuck in an open trough, we have heard about.

3. Is strength, capacity, and curb appeal important to you?

This is where Gutter Shutter seperates itself from regular residential gutters and our leaf free competitors. No other gutter system, open, covered, or screened, comes close to the Gutter Shutter. So even if you never clean gutters, our product might make sense for you. Check out the Gutter Guard reviews above, see our leafguard testimonials, and check out our installed system pics and decide for yourself. 

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